20 Awesome Gift Ideas For the Chocolate Lover

Chocolate is a perfect gift for holidays or birthdays. It's affordable, easy to wrap, and practically guaranteed to put a smile one someone's face. We've rounded up some great gifts for people who love to eat, drink or cook with chocolate.

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    Lindt Lindor Celebration Chocolate Gift Basket

    Basket includes: 6 Sea Salt Diamonds, 28ct Milk Bag, 4 Excellence bars (85% Caramel Sea Salt, Chili, White Coconut), Boxed Chocolate. Has teal box and red pillow.

    MORE >>> https://goo.gl/zpXgWo

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    Hot Chocolate on a Stick - Classic Set

    Chocomize hot chocolates on a spoon offer a modern spin on a traditional cold weather indulgence. Simply place the hot chocolate on a stick in a mug filled with 6 fl oz of milk (or water). Heat up the liquid in a microwave for approx. 1.5 minutes. Stir the chocolate into your beverage for about 30 to 60 seconds until the chocolate has completely dissolved. Lean back and enjoy the rich taste of premium Belgian chocolate in your bevarage! *Also tastes great in coffee!
    MORE >>> https://goo.gl/SfsbPx

  3. 3

    Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner

    The comprehensive guide to chocolate and candy making for professionals and serious home cooks
    Chocolate and candy making is more popular and accessible than it has ever been. This book combines artisan confectionery techniques with straightforward explanations of the theory, science, and formulas at work. Fundamental information includes ingredient function and use, chocolate processing, and artisan production techniques. Professionals and home enthusiasts will find formulas and variations for gorgeous and delectable confections including dairy-based centers, crystalline and non-crystalline sugar confectionery, jellies, nut centers, and aerated confections.

    Expanding on the award-winning first edition, this new revision provides the same comprehensive content, foolproof formulas, and step-by-step instructions readers expect, along with the very latest information and guidelines.

    Revised to include 30 percent new recipes and formulas, more than 250 photos, and 27 illustrations
    Features new sections on opening a professional bakeshop, packaging and marketing, and American-style layered candy bars
    Written by Certified Master Baker Peter Greweling, one of the world's top names in confections, and author of Chocolates and Confections at Home with The Culinary Institute of America, from Wiley
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/WUtvFg

  4. 4

    "If You Can Read This Bring Me Chocolate" Luxury Cotton Novelty Socks

    Treat someone special to the perfect gift: luxurious combed cotton socks. Our socks are so comfy, you have to feel them! These non-slip socks are printed with an entertaining message: If you can read this, bring me chocolate.
    MORE >>> https://goo.gl/pDdRjv

  5. 5

    Wilton Chocolate Pro 3-Tier Chocolate Fountain

    Make your next celebration a little sweeter. Use the Wilton chocolate fountain to DIY dessert. This beautiful three-tiered chocolate fountain will be the highlight of the party. It's easy-to-use design melts up to 4-pounds. of chocolate. Simply use the settings to preheat your chocolate fountain, then when it's time to party, switch it to 'flow' to start the cascading melted chocolate fountain. Serve a variety of treats and snacks to dip. Your guests will love choosing their own treats to dip – from fruits like bananas and strawberries to marshmallows, potato chips, pretzels, cookies and more.
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/y9jioz

  6. 6

    Nostalgia Electrics HCM700 Retro Series Hot Chocolate Maker

    With the Nostalgia Electrics HCM700 Retro Series Hot Chocolate Maker, making perfectly blended cups of hot cocoa at home has never been easier. The Hot Chocolate Maker heats and whips hot beverages into steamy, delicious drinks in no time. And, it's sleek, retro design will complement any kitchen. The Hot Chocolate Maker makes great gourmet hot cocoa, café lattes, tea lattes, café mochas and more. The varieties of hot drinks you can create in your Hot Chocolate Maker are virtually endless. Use your imagination and have fun.
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/ThXRaB

  7. 7

    Godiva Brown Mug Chocolate Gift Set

    Speaking of love, the Godiva Holiday Mug Gift Set is a terrific gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even just to show the chocolate lover in your life that you care. Who could say no? The entire package ships in clear cellophane with a decorative brown Godiva-branded ribbon, and it’s wrapped in heavy-duty bubble wrap before being placed in a fitted box to make sure that it’s delivered in perfect condition, even if handlers choose not to handle it with care. All Milliard products are made from the highest quality foods and we are glad to make our consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal. Be sure to check out our other great basket arrangements for all occasions!
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/s8gZBn

  8. 8

    Easy Chef Chocolate Bar Maker

    Unwrap your creative talents with the new Chocolate Bar Maker. The innovative silicon pods makes it safe and easy to use.
    MORE >>> https://goo.gl/hzWPLw

  9. 9

    DVD ‘Chocolat’

    When a single mother and her six-year-old daughter move to rural France and open a chocolate shop - with Sunday hours - across the street from the local church, they are met with some skepticism. But as soon as they coax the townspeople into enjoying their delicious products, they are warmly welcomed. (source: https://goo.gl/dLMM5P)
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/4xi9UZ

  10. 10

    The True History of Chocolate

    Draws on botany, archaeology, socioeconomics, and culinary history to relate the story of chocolate, from its early use by the Maya and Aztecs to its revival in modern times as a luxury item.
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/f7A7Az

  11. 11

    Chocolate Body Spray

    Our Chocolate fragrance is a warm sweet chocolate similar to the scent of Hershey's chocolate. This fragrance is phthalate free.

    Our body spray adds a little bit of moisture to your skin along with a light fragrance.

    Our Double Strength formula contains double the fragance of our original body sprays for people who like a stronger body spray.

    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/EQ3mVk

  12. 12

    Chocolate Feeds Souls Women's Light Pajamas

    CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. With thousands of designs to choose from, you are certain to find the unique item you've been seeking. These awesome pajamas are sure to become your new favorite sleepwear! Our womens pajama set consists of super soft 100% cotton bottoms that fit comfy and loose, with a 100% cotton fitted top. You'll want to wear your comfortable PJs all day long, around the house, or to that special slumber party. Designs are professionally printed, and are sure to make the perfect gift for her on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays or Christmas.
    MORE >>> https://goo.gl/UeZwo9

  13. 13

    Hot chocolate lover Christmas gift Tshirt

    This shirt is perfect for people that love hot chocolate during the winter! This cute christmas shirt would get many compliments! Great for holiday parties and christmas dinners!
    MORE >>> https://goo.gl/oEcWMN

  14. 14

    Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin, Chocolate Gift Box

    Godiva 19 Piece Gold Ballotin with Classic Ribbon
    Assorted Belgian dark, milk and white chocolates
    Includes Godiva classics like Milk Chocolate Embrace, Dark Mint Medallion and White Chocolate Demitasse
    Presented in our iconic gold box and hand-tied with a two-tone gold and brown ribbon
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/Z5rXWp

  15. 15

    Chocti Chocolate Passionfruit Ghee Cacao Spread

    Wonderful, nut-free, lactose-free alternative to your everyday chocolate spread for children and adults alike.
    Infused with 100% pure passionfruit powder. Passionfruit is native to Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, and is renowned for its natural calming effect - an excellent post-dinner treat.
    Satisfy your sweet tooth with a low-glycemic chocolate spread, naturally sweetened with dates.
    70% chocolate, with Fourth and Heart grass-fed Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter, dates, and a pinch of coconut sugar.
    Contains iron, fiber, and omega fatty acids. Certified Paleo.
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/RLbcDL

  16. 16

    Kirkland Signature European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate

    European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate Gift Tin. 49.4 Ounces of delicious European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate. great for any time at all.
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/s6Xxys

  17. 17

    Chocolate Premium Grade Fragrance Oil

    A delicious, milk chocolate. Top notes of fruity butter and nuances of jasmine. Mid notes of chocolate, sweet honey, rose and coriander seed. A creamy vanilla and powder at the base.
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/8gmcNN

  18. 18

    Chocolate, Protein and Energy Bar Mold

    Create your own special sweets or homemade soaps with the Freshware CB-607BR Silicone Break-Apart Chocolate, Protein and Energy Bar Mold. This mold is constructed with 100% pure, professional quality food-grade silicone, which meets US FDA and European LFGB safety standards (BPA, PVC and Phthalate FREE). Simply pour your favorite recipe in the mold, prepare, and cool completely. Then turn it upside down, this flexible silicone mold offers a non-stick surface that allows the sweets to pop right out with a little push from the bottom. Remember to place the silicone mold on a baking sheet for easier positioning and removal.
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/5h5K2S

  19. 19

    Personalized Chocolate Gift Box

    Add your own touch by choosing your favourite image and decorate your chocolate box however you want!
    Give the gift of decadence with a custom chocolate box filled with 100% premium Belgian chocolate. Create a one-of-a-kind chocolate box with a special message, photo, or design for any occasion. Select from over 40 precision-engraved chocolate designs to match your occasion and complete a special gift that will make a lasting impression.

    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/YFYUCH

  20. 20

    Personalized Hot Chocolate Drink Mix

    Be an awesome friend and give the gift of hot chocolate to those you love! With a fully customizable front panel and two sizes, this custom hot chocolate is ideal for weddings, parties and corporate events.
    MORE>>> https://goo.gl/1LqA7j

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