7 Awesome Ways to Eat With Locals While Traveling

Thanks to meal-sharing websites (like AirBnB for food), it's possible to travel abroad and request a home-cooked meal with a local host.

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    Eating Italian home cooking at Italian homes.

    VIEW MORE: https://goo.gl/EwuyUC

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    EatWith is a community that invites people to dine in homes, connect with hosts, share stories and enjoy homemade cuisine.

    VIEW MORE: https://goo.gl/eYNRqD

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    Source: siamstartup.com

    Withlocals connects people through food and experiences. Their local hosts are food lovers with cooking skills that will impress your taste buds.

    VIEW MORE: https://goo.gl/fyj4gD

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    Started in 2011 in Washington, DC by entrepreneurs Noah Karesh and Danny Harris, Feastly makes it possible for home cooks in the DC area, New York City, and San Francisco (with more cities coming soon) to host guests for dinner.

    VIEW MORE: https://goo.gl/iYN8iA

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    It is free to join and use, and most hosts don't even charge for meals. Those who would like to host but can't or don't want to cook at home also have the option of offering to take visitors to their favorite restaurant instead. Based in the UK, Eat With a Local hosts can be found the world over. Although they're not individually vetted, Edmunds has personally dined with hosts around England and the US and as far as Goa, and has had a number of diners in her home as well, all with great success.

    VIEW MORE: https://goo.gl/GSF9w4

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    Eat with locals in a home restaurant. BonAppetour lets travelers find delicious home-cooked meals and local foods served by the world's best home chefs.

    VIEW MORE: https://www.bonappetour.com/

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    Meal Sharing

    The website Meal Sharing, which connects hosts and diners, is now available in more than 450 cities around the world.

    VIEW MORE: https://www.mealsharing.com/

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