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The Foodie are specialists in producing cookbooks, creating food-focused content and design for restaurants, food & drink companies and publishing houses. More about our services>>>

The Foodie is also a free social media platform for food lovers, food professionals and food businesses.

We are an eco-system of food lovers who inspire each other by creating lists of creative recipes, interesting cookbooks, foodie gift ideas... and more. To become a part of The Foodie's Community, all you need to do is sign up for an account, make a list that you think would do well on The Foodie website, and click "Publish". (Oh, and don't forget that you can click the Sharing button and inspire others with your creative posts.)


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The Foodie community is the home for awesome lists created by enthusiastic Foodies. If you like to share DRINK AND FOOD RECIPES, COOL FOODIE GIFTS you've found, TIPS & TRICKS on perfecting your culinary fare, recommend your favorite COOKBOOKS or other food related discussion topics then this is the place for you! 

Every Foodie is welcome - individuals & businesses.
Eating, writing, cooking: it doesn't matter what side of the spoon you’re on, our mission is to help you SPREAD YOUR PASSION FOR FOOD.

Whether that's an appreciation list about your favourite recipes or Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas
, a list of Must Read Cookbooks or Amazing Kitchen Gadgets you found, we'd be happy to see it! 

I know you might be wondering what is so special about lists. Why should one create lists instead of just plain articles? Great Question! Here are a few reasons why lists are so awesome!


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