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Personalized keepsake cookbooks are designed to help you create and preserve lifelong memories making food together with your love ones.

How did My First Cookbook idea come about?



Hello. My name is Petra. I am a cookbook designer, recipe developer and food photographer from Slovenia. I created my first cookbook as a child while baking sweets with my grandmother. It was a little handmade booklet titled “My First Cookbook” in which I wrote and illustrated my favourite recipes. 

Since then, I have followed my passion for culinary, which led me to the cookbook publishing industry. Today, I am the author and co-author of a few cookbooks published in Slovenia: 

  • Palačinke in omlete (Pancakes, crepes and omelettes), 2012, Publishing House: Založba Kmečki Glas 
  • Gozdna kuhinja (Forest kitchen), 2013, Publishing House: Založba Kmečki Glas 
  • Moja prva kuharska knjiga (My first cookbook), 2017, Publishing House: The Foodie d.o.o. 
  • #Sladice (#Desserts), 2021, Publishing House: Založba Kmečki Glas 

My work encompasses the entire cookbook production — from recipe development and food photography to graphic design and print preparation.

As my little cookbook is my treasured keepsake, I decided to share it with the world and help little chefs create their very first cookbook to always bring back the most precious childhood memories.

Now is your chance to turn your cherished family recipes into lifelong memories.