By joining, you will become an important part of Tenerife’s rapidly growing vegan foodie movement, and have your recipes seen by an audience eager to discover amazing new vegan recipes. Help create a healthier, more exciting and delicious vegan diet for Tenerife.




Spread your passion for food by sharing your healthy recipes to gain promotion on Tenerife Magazine and The Foodie websites and social media, plus have the possibility to win your own FREE RECIPE VIDEO for posting on YouTube and social media.

Food lovers, chefs, food bloggers, restaurants, food businesses… EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!
Demo Book

Demo Book

An example of featuring a food lover’s recipe in a cookbook – a free promotion for foodies

An example of featuring a food lover’s recipe in a cookbook – a free promotion for foodies

An example of featuring vegan-friendly restaurant

An example of featuring vegan-friendly restaurant – a payable promotion (Photos by Petra Kavsek and The Italian Chica)

An example of featuring vegan-friendly restaurant

The last pages of the book – list of restaurant details by areas – payable promotion for vegan-friendly restaurants.

Are you interested in being promoted in the cookbook? Contact us for more details >>> hello@thefoodie.info


  • Free promotion on The Foodie & Tenerife Magazine social media accounts, which can help you grow your social media audience and bring more business opportunities.
  • Opportunity to get your own video recipe, shared with thousands of healthy food lovers around to globe.
  • And free e-cookbook with best vegan recipes from Tenerife at the end of the project.

An example of video recipe


We will try to cook your recipes and take professional photos of your dishes.  For the most interesting recipes we will also make videos and introduce your ideas to our fast-growing enthusiastic foodie audiences on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

We’ll share your recipes with other foodies around the world on THE FOODIE website , Facebook page and Instagram and share the content on TENERIFE MAGAZINE network social media accounts. At the end of this project we will publish a collective vegan cookbook with all of the selected recipes. And, of course, we’ll give you credit and include your name and links to your website/blog.



  • Great opportunity to promote your cooking skills
  • Great way to help increase healthy eating and save the planet
  • Grow your audience and become part of a wider community
  • Help to create a healthier, more exciting and delicious vegan diet in Tenerife



What is your favorite quick, simple and delicious plant-based recipe that you would love to share with the world?

We are looking for creative, simple and healthy breakfast ideas, lunch/dinner and dessert recipes.

Do you have any recipes of this nature that you would like to share?

We accept recipes with photos or without. We would love to hear a few words about your dish. Tell us why you like it so much, when do you usually cook/eat it, are there any special occasions you recommend this recipe for, and other details you can think of that would be interesting to others about your recipe.

Send your recipes via email: hello@thefoodie.info